“The Purpose of our lives is to be happy”

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About me…

“Believe In The Magic Of Your Dreams” 

Was My Catchphrase

With Heart Energy Academy we want to offer a platform for awareness, personal growth and healing.

We offer the possibility to return to our own core though all kinds of forms to restore the connection with our higher selves. We guide you on your journey to connect with your heart. Your own unique path as a devine being in connection with the others and the universe. What is your soulmission?

What Makes You Happy?


About me…

Since my childhood I have been involved in various forms of self-development.

As a single mom of 2 beautiful sons, I got to know myself better through trial and error and took the growth process of my life in my own hands.


Personal Coaching

Get in Touch With your Heart: Join us on your Way to Selflove

• What are you missing in your life?

• How do I connect with myself like this?
• How do I deal with my beliefs?
• How do I deal with my family and environment?
• How can I relax myself?
• How does nutrition and health affect my happiness?
• How can I connect with my heart?
• What is Self Love?

Everything can be discussed! We try to see where you can find yourself based on your needs
challenge to grow. We provide you with tools to coach yourself on a daily basis.

This on all levels: Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.

Cost price:
– 40 euros / 30′
– 60 euros / 1h
– 80 euros / 1.5 h
– 100 euros / 2 h

Combination with massage is possible,
Contact us for more information.

(After payment you will receive a link for zoom to watch the meditation live)



Recharge your Mind and Body: Join our Transformational Guided Meditations

New Online:
11 euros on Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm – 8:15 pm (after payment you will receive a link for zoom to watch the meditation live
experience online)

New Online: 22 euros from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (after payment you will receive a link for zoom
to experience the meditation live online)

LIVE: 25 euros from 7:30 pm – 9:00
Full and new moon meditation with sound healing and personal healing each time around the full or new moon.

(After payment you will receive a link for zoom to watch the meditation live)

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Unlock your Full Potential: Join our Workshops Today and Become the Best Version of Yourself in Connection With Your Heart

Witch bottle protection:

March 8 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Natural products “handmade” free of chemicals
Ginger compresses with foot or hand massage
Heart coherence.



– Energetic Relax Massage: 45m 40€ / 1h 60€
– Craniosacral Therapy: 60 euros
– Combination Of Both: 1½ h : 80 euros
– Foot Massage: ½ h 35 euros
– Hand Massage: ½ h 35 euros
– Baby Massage: ½ h 35 euros
– Pregnancy Massage: 1h 70 euros

Combinations with each other or with personal coaching is always possible. personal coaching is always possible.

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Unplug, Recharge, and Transform: Embark on The Journey of Heart- Brain Coherence in our Health Retreat Experience

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